Few words about Beshto

Fahim Mashroor, Managing Director, Beshto Ltd.

Beshto is a Bangladeshi social interaction driven crowd sourced content and Q&A platform. It is hard to explain Bestho in few words because it is combination of a host of interesting features. Let’s run through all of its features. Beshto is a social content platform: you can write short and long posts, share jokes, ideas, and everything. It is a knowledge hub like Quora: you can ask and answer questions. It is a credibility journal as well: you can rate, up and down vote any content on Bestho.

Mission of Beshto: Beshto wants to make it a home for people who want to share ideas, thoughts, and almost anything in Bangla.

Vision of Beshto: Bestho aims to become a hub for Bengali content, all generated by users, and in a more social way.

Life is all about a journey. Beshto can make smooth the journey. So, Let’s Beshto. There is no one size fit example for Beshto. We are partly like Wikipedia but Wikipedia does not have social interaction thing, we are partly like twitter but we allow short and long both form of contents, we are partly like Quora but we also allow other contents along with Q&A.

Beshto is still getting started. Like all other early stage tech startups it has its own problems. Few of the problems are common: adaptation and technological problem. It is still difficult to write Bengali online. There is no Bengali mobile keyboard; it also applies for laptop and all other devices. For writing anything in Bengali you either need to install a keyboard or application that makes the Bengali writing experience difficult for many people. On the other hand, writing in Bengali and contributing to a discussion somewhere other than a social network like facebook is yet to become popular. This space will take time to mature. We will also need time to have more serious internet users in this part of the world. However, Bestho team believes these are short term problems and things will start moving faster soon. And future is better when you believe in it.

Fahim Mashroor

Managing Director, Beshto Ltd.

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